I get my big bonus at work tomorrow and am already planning how I’m going to spend it. Right off the bat I’m putting 50% into savings. The rest of the money will be spent how I please though. I have no bills to pay off and no outstanding debt to take care of. I just paid off my car a few weeks ago so that is in the clear now too. I think I’m going to take half of my spending money and do some clothes shopping. I’m not big into fashion but I know I’m lacking in that department. I am wearing the same stuff I wore 5 years ago and could use a drastic wardrobe upgrade. The rest of the money I’ll probably gamble with. I’ll play some horses, some Australian online pokies, and maybe a football game or two. I don’t like to gamble much but with free money more or less why not right?


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10/31/2010 07:06
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10/31/2010 07:05
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